Tiny Tots Program


Our Tiny Tots Program offers a variety of classes for our youngest boys & girls.  For most children, this is their first introduction to structured physical activity.  Each class works to raise the children’s self-esteem, while at the same time fostering an early love for physical fitness!

Pip-Squeaks & Spit Fires:
30 min. classes designed for you & your child.  Guided by an instructor, your child will further develop fine & gross motor skills as they    run, crawl, and climb their way through our age appropriate gymnastic circuits.  Children will begin to learn the importance of following directions & taking turns.  Each class includes at least 15 min. of free exploration time with mom or dad!  Parent participation required; Pip-Squeaks 16mo-2.5 years.  Spit Fires 2.5-3.5 years

Pee Wees: 
A 45 min. class independent of mom or dad.  After a fun group warm-up activity, children are lead through a series of obstacle courses that improve strength, flexibility, & overall coordination.  Ages 3.5-5yrs.

A more challenging, 60 min. class, designed for 5 & 6 year olds.  Children will begin to learn basic gymnastic skills on all events including the tumble track.  Here, children are prepared to enter our School-Age Program.

School-Age Program


Our School-Age Program offers a great way for all gymnasts, beginner or advanced, to improve on their gymnastic skills!  It is our goal to keep classes as fun & challenging as possible! Our classes are for children ages 6+ and run from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

Beginner Recreational:
A 60 minute class where girls will have the opportunity to practice on all four competitive events (vault, bars, beam, floor) as well as the tumble track.  This is a foundational class that encourages gymnastics fundamentals as well as introductory conditioning and flexibility. Girls are grouped based on age/experience.  Ages 6+

Intermediate Recreational: 
A stepping stone between our Beginner & Advanced classes.  This class is 75 min, by invitation. Gymnasts have the opportunity to refine their skills while working on more advanced skills on each of the 4 events (vault, bars, beam, and floor).

Advanced Recreational:  
Participation in this class is by invitation only.  Gymnasts must have mastered a back bend kickover on floor and a pullover back hip circle on bars.  Gymnasts also have the opportunity to work on strength training and flexibility work. Classes are 90 min.


Competitive Teams

A spot on anyone of our teams is by invitation only.

Teams require year round commitment with gymnasts training anywhere from 3-20 hours a week depending on their level.

We believe a positive environment is the best setting for gymnasts to reach their full potential. Coach, athlete, and parent cooperation is essential in creating successful and happy gymnasts!

For information regarding practice schedules, team tuition, or meet seasons please contact us!

Team Prestige 2022



No school? No problem! Prestige offers both full & half day programs to keep your little ones entertained during school vacation weeks!  Themed weeks available in both February & April, as well as throughout the summer months!  Gymnastics, arts & crafts, open gym, games, & more! Ages 3.5-12 years.  Come for the day, the week, or the entire summer!

Summer 2023

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