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Our Mission

At Prestige Fitness & Gymnastics Center we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of all our members through quality fitness and gymnastics instruction. We strive not only to enhance their physical abilities but also to raise their self-esteem. Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where one can develop a love for physical activity, regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.



“Professional staff.  Caring & positive instruction!”
– JoAnn M

“Awesome gym. Amazing coaches!”
– Karen C

“We went to Prestige for my daughter’s friends 2nd birthday party. The staff was really helpful & great with the kids!”
– Adam


“Staff is outstanding. Very patient with the right amount of discipline. Maddy is doing great under their guidance!”
– John S


“Definitely a great environment for your child!”

“I am so thankful we found Prestige. You guys are amazing! Heads and shoulders above the rest! Your coaches have a magical way of making all the hard work fun!”
– Sandra

“Find your child’s full potential at Prestige”
– Jodi K


Have you already signed up for your trial class?  Save time by filling out our registration packet  ahead of time & bringing it with you the first day of classes.  Otherwise, we recommend arriving 15 min before the start of your first class!


Things To Know:

EFT tuition payments are pulled on the 1st of every month. We accept Visa, Mastercard and ACH. If we are unable to successfully draft payments from your EFT account, we are not responsible for any overdraft fees. We reserve the right to charge a $10 fee for any ACH or CC transactions that are not able to be processed. Additionally, we reserve the right to charge a $25 fee for any checks returned for insufficient funds. All enrolled students must provide written notice by the 15th of the month to cancel a contract. Notice should be emailed to Admin@Prestigegymnastics.com.

There is a $60 annual registration fee which is due upon enrollment.

All enrolled students must give the office 15 days written notice to cancel a contract. 

Sibling Discount – Only one student per family pays full price.  2nd child receives a 10% discount on class tuition, third receives a 25% discount on class tuition.  In the case of special events, 2nd child receives a 25% discount, third child receives 50% discount. 

Multiple Class Discount – When space allows, gymnasts receive a 10% discount if they choose to enroll in a second class. 

All spectators must remain in the bleacher/viewing area during classes.  Only gymnasts and coaches are allowed in the gym.  Only gymnasts enrolled in a Pip Squeak/Spit Fire class may be accompanied by an adult on the floor.  Your child’s safety is our number one concern! We ask that you refrain from communicating with your (ie: yelling down from the balcony) while your child is in class.  Simple corrections or communicating from the balcony can serve as a distraction to your child as well as others in the class.

With the exception of small earrings, no jewelry is to be worn during classes.  Clothing with zippers, snaps, or buttons is not allowed.  Girls hair must remain tied back at all times. Recreational students may wear a leotard w/ or w/o shorts.  A t-shirt and shorts is acceptable as well.  Team gymnasts (super tot or higher) are required to wear a leotard to every practice.  Barefoot preferred.

Please email any requests for a make-up class to Admin@Prestigegymnastics.com.

Make-ups: Every student is allowed make-ups for weather-related closings or other circumstances on our end. These make-up classes must be scheduled ahead of time to ensure enough space in the class. Classes missed due to illness or scheduling conflicts will be forfeited.

Our Pee Wee, Peanut, and sometimes Girls Rec classes feed our Super Tot & Pre-Team Programs.  Coaches select those gymnasts (ages 4-7) those listening skills, ability to make corrections, and eagerness to learn have set them apart.  The goal of both the Super Tots & Pre-Team programs is to give these gymnasts an opportunity to build on their skill level, increase their strength and flexibility, and get them ready for a potential future in competitive gymnastics.  Our Girls Recreational & Intermediate classes feed our Advanced classes.  Once a gymnast can successfully perform the following skills (as well as demonstrate good attendance, respect for coaches, and an eagerness to improve) they will be invited to move into one of our advanced classes.  It is from these classes that we select gymnasts for our Xcel Team.  To be invited to our Advanced classes gymnast must be able to successfully/consistently perform: pull over, back hip circle, back bend, & kickover – all without the assistance of an instructor! 

Employment Opportunities


PRESTIGE is looking for KNOWLEDGABLE, ENERGETIC, & DEPENDABLE individuals to help with our growing programs!! Recreational & Team positions available.  Please contact/send resumes to: info@prestigegymnastics.com

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