Special Events

Special Events

It's All About the Experience!

Here's a sneak peak at some of the Special Events we have at Prestige to add to the fun and enjoyment of our Sport...

Family Fitness Night

An opportunity for parents/siblings to “see what it takes” to be a gymnast!  Our Family Fitness Challenges include fun for the whole family!  An afternoon of partner exercises & conditioning all capped off by a gym wide obstacle course competition! 

Class Meet

A chance for our recreational gymnasts to get the competitive experience!  Show off all of that hard work in front of families & friends in a pressure free setting!  Gymnasts learn routines leading up to the Class Meet & every gymnast goes home with a medal!


A semi-formal celebration for our team gymnasts & their families.  A night filled with dinner, dancing, & end of the season awards!

Skills Clinics

A variety of skills clinics offered throughout the year. Each clinic provides countless drills and expert instruction to help master the cartwheel, back handspring, or kip!


A favorite week of the year for many! Every Summer our team gymnasts have the opportunity to spend a week at one of the longest running gymnastics camps in the world! 

Mock Meet

The official “kick-off” to our competitive season every year!  Gymnasts of all levels are assigned a team and compete in an intra-squad style meet!  Team captains are chosen and trusted with the task of leading team bonding type activities in preparation for the big event!  Scores are calculated & awards are given!

Spirit Week

Crazy hair days, Decades days, USA days, Silly Socks, Prestige Pride… and anything in between!  A fun change of pace for all of our gymnasts…and coaches too!


A fundraising opportunity for both our recreational & competitive team gymnasts! Gymnasts are given 3 minutes to perform as many cartwheels as they can!  Pledges are collected leading up to the event & trophies are awarded! 

Holiday Parties

Our much anticipated Halloween & Christmas parties!  Costume contests, games, prizes, secret Santas, and lots of food!  How could you go wrong??

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